Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jimbo is online!

An adventure several weeks in the making, I finally found the time and competency to sign in and post on my blog. Welcome to me, round of drinks, smattering of applause, let's catch-up on the trials and tribulations. I have purchased a Sony Handycam to record the trip. The medium is Mini DV, the view-finder is touch-screen. Upon unpacking it last night, I discovered that my old Samsung (which I had believed to be broken) is in fine working order. Thus we can record twice as much footage! Different POV's! First-person for my crash with an accompanying wide-angle third-person for bone-crunching replays!

In discovering that the Samsung was still among the living, I also discovered several old Mini DV's from my time in Korea which just about drowned me in Bud-infused nostalgia for an hour or so as the carcass of my equally soused pal Pete decayed on my couch. I also have several stories involving my inability to hold onto my driver's license but that will have to wait for another time. It's great to be here and I can't wait to spam the shit out of this joint!

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