Saturday, July 26, 2008

Over-under: Gas

Okay, much gas will we be using on this trip?

Google directions for our route map the trip at 3,627 miles. That's without any scenic detours, missed turns, or in-town cruising (of which there will no doubt be some). But let's say 3,627.

Gas mileage estimates for the 2007 Harley Sportster range from 45MPG to 59MPG highway. could only verify the lower of the two figures, so let's say 45MPG.

Was never very good at math, but I believe 45 goes into 3,627 approximately 80.6 times—which means about 80.6 gallons of gasoline per bike for the trip.

So...with national gas prices at an average of $4.064 (as of 7/21), we'd be spending about $327.56 each on gasoline.

And, with our trusty bikes holding about 3.3 gallons in tank, that's about 24.4 fill up at service stations across America.

Man-oh-man. Does Exxon want to sponsor us?

In sum, per bike:
3,627 miles
80.6 gallons of gas
$327.56 on gas
24.4 fill ups

The over-under is on. Place your bets. Awesome prizes await you!

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