Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Route!

It's confirmed: we are gonna do US Route 20—the longest of roads—for it's entirety, from Newport, OR to Boston, MA.

We've taken a guess at our itinerary, but stops are all subject to tweaking based on recommendations and offers of accommodations. But here's the working version:

Day 1: Seattle, WA
Day 2: Newport, OR
Day 3: Burns, OR
Day 4: Craters of the Moon National Park, ID
Day 5: Yellowstone National Park, WY
Day 6: Casper, WY
Day 7: Valentine, NE
Day 8: Sioux City, IA
Day 9: Dyersville, IA
Day 10: Chicago, IL
Day 11: Cleveland, OH
Day 12: Niagra Falls, NY
Day 13: Albany, NY
Day 14: Boston, MA
Day 15: New York, NY

Check out the map:

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