Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Chicago hosts

The Chicago hosts, originally uploaded by nate.bliss.

Daaaaaaaaaaaan imnida there. Jimandnatedoamerrca there too. Dan the man. Danimal. Goddanit. Thanks to one of the original mules for showing us Chicago. Granted the noodle was hurting this morning but nothing a little denny's couldn't fix. Muchos gracias as well to his lovely roommates and various friends. (how someone like danny wound up living with two competent, kind, and above all, clean girls is beyond my reckoning but god bless 'el for hosting our decaying carcasses.) so Chicago was a hoot. We're now fully in the east, complete with mobile gas stations, windy roads navigating terminal moraines, and fully populated towns. On dan's suggestion we're going to stay on some island in lake Erie tonight. Then it's upstate ny and niagara falls tomorrow, toronto Thursday, somewhere in new York Friday, and then beantown Saturday. Pull you socks up friends, we're going to be kicking you in the cubes before you know it!

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