Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lake Erie!!

Lake Erie!!, originally uploaded by nate.bliss.

If he's not sneezing, he's blind. Young mr. Bliss forgot his clear goggles in Chicago which caused all sorts of problems when it got dark. In fact, pretty much all of yesterday was a hairy situation. Chicago's roads were riddled with tank traps, indiana needs a complete overhaul, and much of Ohio is dangerously strip-malled. Rolling down a four lane highway with a center road for turning, in the dark, sans appropriate eye-wear, and dodging idiotic cagers does not a relaxing night make. But now we're on lake Erie where the local high-school waitress claims "ain't nuthin to do." let me tell you, towns where there ain't nuhin to do are my kind of towns. Some names from the past two days: Kelton (worked at denny's...could't understand a word he said), john (groundskeeper at campsite...awefully jealous), meijer check-out woman (couldn't understand why we were doing this), billie, phyllis, leah, and megan (sweethearts at the Port-n-Starboard who are claiming the town shuts down at 9). To all the humans who make this trip fun.

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Leah said...

this leah.
wow this little adventure you two are on is really pretty neat.
i have always wanted to travel around the states taking pictures and what not. im glad i could meet you two and serve ya alittle coffee in our little town of port clinton. good luck on your trip. hopefully i will hear back=)