Monday, August 4, 2008

US-20 turnout in Oregon

US-20 turnout in Oregon, originally uploaded by nate.bliss.

We managed to catch up to our itinerary today although not without some trouble. While Nate and I are fine, the same cannot be said for a not-small percentage of mid-Oregon's bug population. Following in the footsteps of misters dillon and miller, we have decided to reclassify the insect population to more accurately reflect the level of pain they cause when colliding with the human body at speeds greater than 30mph.

Small flies (including but not limited to black flies, noseeums, mosquitoes, and gnats): sparrows

Medium flying insects (black flies, horse flies, and the innacurayely named house flies (if it was a house fly, what's it doing plunging headlong into my facial pores at 70mph?)): falcons

Large flying insects (moths, butterflies, and the odd dragon fly): eagles

Heaven forbid, an actual bird: teradacdyle or perhaps a 747...thankfully we haven't been on the business end of bird-face collision so we'll have to make a final judgement on name appropriateness should those dire straits ever be met.

This taxonomy accurately reflects the pain of colliding with one of the above insect-types at cruising speed.

There is much more to say about today's adventures but I'm bedding down in a real ned and will be goddamned if I lose precious sleep to the likes of you!

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Amira said...

your camera is PRETTY AWESOME! these pictures are great!!

i never loved those fashionable german style helmets. they're pretty, but not that functional. can you stop by the local eagle rider and purchase an attachable face shield?