Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Finish Line

We made it! End of US20!

Must begin this post with a big word of thanks to the Bliss family for putting up two smelly biker dudes last night. It was great to be home. And what a meal! Thanks, guys!

At about noon today, we maneuvered our hogs into a very hectic Kenmore Square and happened across a road sign with prophetic meaning for our trip--US20 End! That's right folks. We made it. I know many of you loyal readers thought we'd have killed ourselves before we even left the west coast, but through not a little good luck we completed the quest.

We drove another few miles to Everett to teaching huge Harley dealership where Eagle Rider has set up shop. And then, after 4,500 miles clocked, we bid farewell to our road warriors and left them in the trusty care of Brad, the east coast counterpart of Seattle's Claudio. (nice folks at the ole Eagle Rider.)

Then it was a jaunt on the T to South Station where we hopped a Chinatown bus for the last (and arguably most dangerous!) leg of our trip.

We'll be in touch with some final commentary and words of wisdom (or attempts, perhaps) before we sign off for good. But, a hearty thanks to our readers and to all the wonderful folks we've met or have given us great advice on this trip. We owe ya!

Next stop: NYC!

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Wanker Warmer said...

Good Work! Not Bad! Welcome Back!

For the record, I thought you guys would eat it for sure in the midwest.