Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sturgis is ridiculous!

Sturgis is ridiculous!, originally uploaded by nate.bliss.

Of all great divides between the stereotype and reality, there is none wider than the chasm between biker culture ideal and reality. The tough virile men are actually old loons and the hot young women are actually more gnarled than the men. There's a lot of overlap between biker and metal culture, at least aesthetically. But what wool these jokers pull over their eyes! I wonder if anyone of these old bats has any sand to him. Sturgis seems like a bunch of posers. Although we're in valentine Nebraska and there's a real dude talking loud enough for everyone to hear him. He's a cross between an easy rider hopper and the dude himself, lamenting the decline of sturgis into window dressing. It seems that the best way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to look for those that think a look is ridiculous.ah biker culture in america, what a perverted display of sexual insecurity.

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Wanker Warmer said...

So where do you guys fall on the spectrum of insecure-sexual-miscreant to awesome gritty-as-balls-dude-abides-mule?