Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seaside, Aug 3, 2008

Seaside, Aug 3, 2008, originally uploaded by nate.bliss.

Astoria is a town on the border between Washington and Oregon. There's a 4 mile bridge leading up to it and the entire town is built into a hill rising straight out of the ocean. It's like hong
Kong but green. So the bridge is elevated enough so that you have this like cartographic view of Astoria as you come in over the bridge. You look down into streets that run up the hills away from you. Naturally and as any red-blooded young man would, Nate and I screamed into the deafening wind at the top of ours lungs as we entered Astoria at sunset. If you're looking for articulate responses to pure beauty, look not to the dudes on motorcycles who can't hear themselves think over the wind. Look to pete smith. (he'd never get on a motorcycle anyway.)

So astoria was jaw-dropping. And route 101 was great too ( if a bit nippy in the shade). The initial parts of the trip which mostly involved us getting lost in Seattle are somewhat blurred in the recollectio by adrenaline. But a good first day it must be said! Lots of footage, lots of paddy quotes, and lots of shivers from the cold. Also, lots of smells from Nate it must be noted. Girlfriends missed, food deep sixed, and mildewed tents unstuck. G'night blog and blog faithful. We love you. (no, seriously...if you're reading this we love you.)



Maggie said...

See? Told you the Oregon Coast rocks. Also, Astoria is where they filmed "Goonies", quite possibly one of the best movies ever made.

Dan & Jeannie said...

Hey, Love your blog! My husband is planning this same trip (minus Sturgis) on his BMW this summer. Where did you originally start from? Are you from the East Coast? Did you ship your bikes out west? If so, what shipping agency did you use? He is not sure if he will ride back to Oregon or have it shipped.
Thanks for any help or advice you can give.