Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wyoming? Because it awesome!

It's been a truly epic day.

Ride outta of the campground on US20.
Buffalo Bill Dam and accompanying mountain terrain.
Breakfast in Cody, the "home of the rodeo."
Beautiful praireland out of Cody.
Mineral Hot Springs in Thermalolis.
Unforgettable ravine roads from there to Shoshoni.
Fast break to Casper through 10-person towns.
Mountain road with sweet switchbacks up to Casper Mountain.
Skunk Hollow campground at secluded spot.
Ate at mountainside Broken Spur Cafe--delicious!!
Met righteous Wyoming dude, Clark, & talked local politics.
Cooked delicious Walmart burgers and drank Oregon brew.
Enjoyed a campfire till the wee hours.

Great day 5.

A sincere round of apologies to our friends and family (esp.
girlfriends) with whom we've been out of touch. Service continues to
be spotty. And our batteries seem to last for a blink of an eye. We
love ya and miss ya.

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